Antegrad Krankenhausmanagement

Projects and Results (II)

Development and design of integrated care models and structures
(contracts IC)

Redirecting (medical and organizational) of a high-deficit tertiary care hospital. Upgrading of the results from -40% (beyond the budget) up to +5% in 18 months. Implementation of outpatient surgery and private senior consultants at this hospital

Restructuring of a „small“ (150 bed) primary care hospital into a highly specialized hospital to enlarge services to special patients avoiding the closing of the hospital

Telemedical networking of an isolated acute care hospital with partner hospitals and outpatient providers to establish a holistic medical integrated care approach for obstetrics

Takeover and complete new economic restructuring of a hospital implementing new process and med tec design in 15 months. Put the hospital back to economical good shape from -5% (rel. to budget) up to +8%

Standardization of processes, equipment, delivery of goods and services in several hospitals to share advantages in quality and management

Economic consolidation of a hospital operator with more than 5,000 employees. Stabilization of drop in turnover, development of new fields, establishment of new business areas and cost savings in HR, logistics and material management

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