Gerhard Becker

Gerhard Becker,
Founder and Managing Partner

Gerhard Becker holds a University Degree in Computer Sciences and Business Administration.

As European Supply Chain manager of an international consumer goods manufacturer he gained extensive experience in logistics, materials management and quality management. After his industrial experience he joined the University Hospital Hamburg Eppendorf as Director of Operations and was responsible for developing and implementing a master plan to rebuild large parts of the facilities and for designing alternative business models for all hospital infrastructure services.

Becoming Managing Director of the University Hospital Düsseldorf, Gerhard Becker played a key role in the hospitals roadmap towards privatization, with a focus on streamlining processes for client/patient satisfaction, world class research and economic profitability.

Finally, he moved from public administration to commercial healthcare as COO of Mediclin AG, a German listed commercial hospital operator, which runs 36 clinics (380 Mio €), including three clinics specialized in sports medicine and orthopedic surgery and twentysix rehabilitation centers.

Since January 2005 Gerhard Becker is acting partner and Managerial Head of Antegrad, a professional services company dedicated to the management of public and private owned hospitals and to the optimization and reengineering of processes in the healthcare industry.